Child Care Enrichment Programs in Parsippany, NJ


Technology Toolbox

Don't let your child miss out on the fun! Technology Toolbox is an enrichment program that comes to Carousel Of Learning once a week to teach children basic computer skills. Children get an introduction to computers through interactive educational computer programs in small groups of 3 – 4 children.
Teaching Kids About Computer — Enrichment Programs in Parsippany, NJ
Kids And Storyteller — Enrichment Programs in Parsippany, NJ

Visiting Storytellers

Miss Harriet visits monthly to read and dance with the children. She is always full of great surprises! We are also fortunate to have Miss O, the Parsippany Children's Librarian read to us every month.

Little Hearts Gymnastics

Gymnastics meets on Tuesday mornings with Miss Anais.
Children will learn basic beginner skills to more advanced skills of gymnastics through natural progression. Students have the opportunity to learn stretching techniques, floor exercise skills, balance beam, and tumbling.Classes feature many different props and obstacle courses. The class helps to strengthen young bones and muscles, providing a healthy foundation for mental and physical growth.

Little Hearts Yoga

Yoga meets on Thursday morning with Miss Michelle.
While children learn Yoga poses and breathing techniques, each child will learn new skills through imagery. Warm-­up, postures, relaxation, and stimulating activities will help students stretch and develop endurance while building strong healthy bodies,brains,and hearts. As our instructor encourages each child’s creative imagination,your child will gain focus,confidence,and self-esteem in a nourishing environment. Yoga in school helps improve focus and attention span and helps students become more mindful of their actions.

Big Jeff

For 20 years now, “Big Jeff” DeSmedt has been your local family entertainer. He’s performed thousands and thousands of shows for children at preschools, libraries, restaurants and birthday parties across New Jersey and the greater metro area. . He’s sold over 10,000 CDs, made many area radio appearances, and he’s the winner of the 2009 Hoboken Music Award for Children’s Music and the 2004 Children’s Music Web Award for a Classic Recording.
The children at Carousel look forward to seeing BIG JEFF every month!
Kids Listening To Guitarist — Enrichment Programs in Parsippany, NJ
Kids Playing — Enrichment Programs in Parsippany, NJ

Fun Fridays

Every Friday we celebrate something! These topics always make the day special! Some of our favorites are Elmo's Birthday, Cheerio Day, and Vegetable Day.