Infants and Toddlers

Infants and toddlers will not necessarily follow the same schedule as the preschoolers. They are not capable of sitting still for circle time, may need a morning nap, etc. Infants will spend a minimum of 1 hour daily outdoors (weather permitting). Infants are always fed on demand. Breast feeding infants need to have an adequate supply stocked and properly labeled with child’s name and date expressed. Breast feeding is available at any time in our classroom. All bottles and food that needs refrigerating will be stored in labeled baskets in the fridge. Toddlers usually eat meals and snacks on a set meal schedule.

A report will be prepared for each infant/toddler each day and available to parents. It will include things such as, time of feedings, what was eaten, amount eaten, time of diaper checks and results, times of naps, any medication given, and various comments about the child's day.